1. NCIS - Life Before His Eyes Reaction

    I love that Gibbs is a regular a a diner under an overpass

    As Gibbs’ life flashes before his eyes these words and these words alone leave my mouth, “Holy shit this episode is going to be awesome.”

    Steak, Coffee, & Whiskey. The Gibbs Diet. (my gif) (:

    KA-BLEWY…….nice Palmer..nice

    Ari and Vance just chillin’ & playin’ some chess…


    OMG!!! IT”S THEIR BABY!!! 

    Mossad Ziva and her wild hair!! Being bad-ass!

    OMG PALMER!!!! Why have you been hiding those abs under those scrubs!!!

    Gibbs’ mom!!!!!

    Love the brother moment between Tony and McGee

    McGee and Abby are just too damn cute!!!

    Tony & Ziva being all sneaky and snooping in McGee’s desk was great!

    I hate that he couldn’t have both his family and the team :(

    All in all this episode was exactly as I predicted….down right awesome. #truestory

    But I also would have loved to of seen more…Here’s to wishing #300 is a two-hour episode…